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My Story

Since the very beginning, music has served as an escape, a source of magic, a type of time travel, a creative outlet of my deeply-private thoughts and feelings. Born and raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts, I grew up with unlimited access to inspiration from my Dad — a fellow musician, who taught me to march to the beat of my own drum. The chords my Dad first taught me on the acoustic guitar — D, A, Em, G — later blossomed into my first song, “Fall.” At age 19, I found the confidence to bring that song to a manager and start performing live. As soon as I started to perform at local events and bars, my relationship to music changed as I became a creator — both as a performer and a songwriter. 


In the midst of the pandemic, I started to write what would become my debut album, “Go My Own Way.” The silence of quarantine and the distance away from the world gave me the time to hone in on my new found craft — songwriting. In the isolation and unending alone time, I found myself reaching for my guitar and notebook to express my thoughts. In all of those “lost months” spent inside, I found myself. I discovered that I was an artist, a singer-songwriter, a creator — titles I never saw myself having the privilege to possess. Exiting the pandemic, I was ready and eager to share my songs with the world. 


At my core, music is who I am — and, through that lens, music helps me see the world. As I sought more opportunities to fill my days with music and continue to chase my dreams of becoming an artist,  people met me with unwavering support, infinite amounts of love, pure joy, and an eagerness to follow along on my journey. 


I’ve been so fortunate to have had this path be paved with such generosity and kindness from everyone I’ve met in the industry. One of the most influential of which is my producer, Sean McLaughlin, at 37’ Productions. The first 3 songs I came into the studio with — “Fall,” “South Carolina,” and “Go My Own Way” — were intended as a demo, but quickly blossomed into a full album production. The album could not have happened without Sean’s respect for my songwriting and encouragement for me as an artist. After hearing my first 3 songs, he knew that I had more to share. To prove his commitment to my craft and belief in me, he listened to over 25 songs that I had written, helping me shape what my album would become. Eventually, we decided on the 10 tracks that make up my debut album, “Go My Own Way.”  


You can find my album, “Go My Own Way,” and newest single, “Wanna Be Your Girl,”streaming on all platforms now. 


"Honesty, passion, and talent are key ingredients in the making of a star. And Anna seems to have the recipe down. I can't wait to hear more from this shining star in the making."
-Country 102.5 Carolyn Kruse

"Anna Daley Young has taken the Boston music scene by storm.You better see her shows now because soon her ticket sales will resemble that of a Taylor Swift concert.Anna has what it takes to be the biggest music act in the country"

-Rich Dimare, national performer


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