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Tuesday Feb 13th 11:52pm 

Tomorrow is Valentines day, but I can't help but feel so much love tonight. Today I announced to the public that I am going to my old middle school for a performance and speech with my band. Reading the comments on the post are what lead me to write tonight, thank you. Thank you for making me feel like I am making a difference, thank you for all of your kind words and to every single person who supports this journey. 

There used to be a time where I knew every single one of my fans, and lately I've been stepping into a new realm where I am meeting people who I've touched that I've never even met, and I can't even tell you how grateful that makes me feel. 

There were a time where I wasn't even sure where I was going, and I was ashamed of who I had been. But now, I've never been more sure, and I know how to get where I'm going. And that's by enjoying the ride, taking in the comments, writing the blogs, writing the songs, playing the shows, being kind, and showing up for yourself, no matter what.


It's possible to completely transform yourself, over time.

When I was younger, it felt like I was going 100 mph down a 4 way street, I was hairdressing, going to community college, modeling and singing on the side. But slowly but surely, everything fell into place, I became busier in the areas where I felt like I shined. And eventually I was lucky enough to live out my passions through my job. Now I want to inspire others to believe in themselves even when no one else does, to stay on your path even when people advise against it, and doing what's right for you even when there are other voices who tell you to do otherwise. 

These can be people who trust and love you..but darlings, NO ONE knows what's best for you other than you. The universe will reward your strength. 

Tonight I watched an hour interview / round table talk with Margot Robbie, Emma Stone and other incredible actresses who talked about their experiences and processes they go through when channeling a character. Fascinating stuff. Acting seems to be something id be interested in stepping into in 2024. Sometimes my agency sends me scripts, maybe next role I will audition for. 

it is now valentines day, Happy Love day to all, and remember you can share this love with yourself and everyone around you everyday. 

Much much love, 





Tuesday, Feb 5th 2024 1:47pm (Charleston Library) 

Well, its been one week since my last entry, so my predictions were right about not being able to keep up with the "daily" theme, but like I said- I'm open to change.

In the 7 days that have passed, a lot has happened, I will try to break a lot of it down, but i'm a bit discombobulated trying to figure out how much of this is my diary and how much of this is a blog. And what the sole difference of the two is. 


 Regardless, if there is one thing I understand to be true about myself its that getting anything out whether it be in my journal, through this screen or through a song it feels good to me. 

So, after receiving the news about LA and my meetings coming up and what not, I have been so west coast focused, I was about to move in with 3 girls near Beverly Hills, but where as I'm only going for 2 weeks to start in March I retracted and decided to get my own place to stay, one that that has a mattress already. My summer is essentially booked in Boston, so I plan to be here at least for a few more months, but then again - open to change. 

Thursday of last week I went to Chapman Middle school to film the promo for our concert coming up on FEB 16TH. Some of the kids in the lunch room knew who I was and I gave them friendship bracelets. We filmed a Little 3o second clip that all the kids will see during homeroom this week/next. 

My moms friend Julie Clark is one of the teachers there, she invited me up to her classroom after the meeting and she allowed me to talk to her students for almost two full blocks. One of the kids there told me that my unprepared mouth blabber was "better than a ted talk"..? One of the kids even thought I should have my own class.. and the teachers were agreeing?! 

I don't have a degree, I didn't major in teaching but I was walking through the school talking to children about chasing their dreams and telling them to follow their hearts. Because What I do have is a message for them, and that is to go your own way and to trust their intuition about what they're here to do. 

After the school session I felt so inspired, and brought that energy down to Wareham where I played to a small little bistro full of  thoughtful kind and careful people, some of my friends/ fans from New Bedford that I haven't seen in over a year came. I set up my Bose tower in the corner and just told my story, sang my songs and then ate great pasta.  

One thing that you learn when your work is to travel all over the place in different spots is that everywhere is different, the culture of a town an hour away from your home is different, playing in a sports bar in Boston in comparison to a bistro in Wareham is different. You get to understand and see how music responds to people depending on where you are geographically, and how sometimes you get more listeners in smaller rooms and less listeners in bigger rooms. 

The whole place responded, listened and respected my songs and stories, it felt so special. After the gig my lymph nodes were feeling swollen and I drove home and went to bed. NO energy for a journal entry!

When I awoke Friday something had grown over in my lungs over night, I didn't feel sick but I felt the sickness inside of me.

I drove to Scituate because it was the first day of the weekend and I was house sitting for my family. I threw on a black Stevie Knicks shirt and a black and white striped long sleeve underneath.

At my 2nd gig in Wareham that week it was cold and rainy, I unloaded all my equipment and started off strong with the first few songs. 

I knew that I was in a noisy bar ( different from a quiet bistro) and if I wanted to be heard I would have to really sing it, so I chose louder, stronger songs.. but during the 2nd set my voice went sideways? and I couldn't get it back on track.

 I had never lost control and heard the type of rasps coming from my voice, some of it sounded nice and they even filled my tip jar, but on the inside I was concerned for my voice health.  

so I stopped 10 minutes early, weighed out playing 10 more minutes tonight in a noisy bar or 10 minutes tomorrow to 315 people. I  looked at the clock and saw my angel numbers, and listened to my body. 

When Saturday came I knew that it was going to be a special day, being at CAPO kinda feels like being at home. My mom and I loved being around Dalton and the sheriff's fan base and it was the first show I got to give out friendship bracelets at! Dalton literally ROCKS. They're so nice and so talented! They originally were going to have me at the HOUSE OF BLUES but the show got postponed and they had me at capo instead. Still such an awesome opportunity.

but that night was when everything caught up to me, I started to feel fire in my throat and every time I coughed it was rough like sandpaper, ( and I was still gonna go sing the next day !!) SMH... until I just had this moment where I said "ok, Im Done." I decided to just listen to my body and spend the next two days relaxing and making bracelets for chapman.  

TODAY, I am in Charleston preparing for a meeting with Eric (owner of capo) at his new place Prima finally feeling like i'm on the other side of things. Although, I still don't feel fully 100%, i'm not in pain anymore.


This morning was a weird unaligned rollercoaster that I believe happened because I haven't let my thoughts out in a week, the discombobulation was setting in and I just found myself at this library. It was a  rollercoaster of a day driving into Boston, walking to find the Boston Public Library, not being able to find the library, feeling unaligned, losing my garage ticket, paying $50 because I lost the ticket, crying in my car about the whole confusing situation and how I miss LA and then now finally being somewhat centered in Charleston. It has been a day, but it's what led me here to write. 

if I don't channel my thoughts for a while, it builds up and I feel overwhelmed with the energy inside of me. So, this week I'm just releasing the energy and catching up. Guess this was my diary entry this week.. maybe you'll hear from me again today.

Sending Love 


Tuesday Jan 30th 2024 12:01am 

I imagine that most of these blog posts will happen around this time and in this setting, half asleep in my room bleeding into tomorrow. When I journal, usually it's right when I wake up or as I'm recounting everything that happened before I crash. Right now we are living through the 2nd scenario.


Todays word of the day would be balance, 

at my first gig in marshfield back in 2021 I met a family from Duxbury who became family to me, I've been watching little Annie and Mattie during the day a few times a month and they come out to my shows all the time - shout out to Jenny for being the best :) 


as I was driving to Duxbury today I got a call from Cynthia, a lovely woman I met out in LA!!! She gave me the most amazing news I've received in a while, She talked to Sam (the owner of Macklam Feldman Agency) and their interested in meeting with me! Sam Feldman is JAMES TAYLOR'S manager... YUP! Had to get up and take DEEP BREATHE for a second when she told me that at 11am at a coffee shop..

I can't even believe it, and I can't wait to see where it takes us - Cynthia said "I think this is the start of something beautiful and I wanted them to know how much I believe in you." 

She approached my after my set at the LA Minifest, handed me her card, and gave me her time.

I hope maybe this can give someone hope,  if you keep going, you can be at the right place, at the right time and meet the right person. This is proof.

after I drove to Hayleigh's house and we chatted for a while, and told her what Cynthia said - she teared up,

Hayleigh and I have the type of friendship where we both celebrate each others wins, and feel each others pain. She was one of my first songwriting friends, we have the same tattoo in the same place and we already had them when we met, we were kinda branded as soul sisters and I kinda feel like I never experienced true friendship until I met her. 

I'm really proud of the person she is becoming, she has found a whole new strength and honesty with herself that I'm so happy to witness, she has been such a great friend since day 1 and we always have each others back. Cynthia said she "felt the pain of my friend leaving" after listening to SC. I guess honesty, passion and true friendship always shines through.


As James says "You've got a friend" and that's Hayleigh. 

Mon Jan 29th 8:58pm (Weymouth, Ma)

-Well, here we are! Its been a long time coming and whoever is reading this (if anyone is reading this) you're an OG.  With this blog I hope to give you a little piece of my mind, to be transparent about the triumphs and challenges that inevitably happen in life,  and to do it as "Daley" as possible - but if there is one thing about my life, its that nothing ever stays the same, so I will be more consistent at certain times than others. 

Nothing is going to be perfect, I didn't get amazing grades in school, I don't have great grammar, and my English teacher told me "my writing wasn't my strong suit" hah. But There's a magic to reading someones diary, journal / inner thoughts.  and I crave to share more through writing than just in songs, there's more to say. 

Becoming a singer/songwriter/performer, and a professional model has been the most rewarding, challenging, and magical experiences of my life. It also wasn't "the plan" or something I believed would actually come true. I worked at a hair salon for a while after high school and got my cosmo license while going to community college. The past few years of my life have been a movie. And no one (including yourself) knows what's in store for you.

but honestly, I'm not starting AOTD to just talk about my past and where I've been, but channel who I am now writing this passage. I'm here to write about the day to day normal things I go through/ feel so that we can all relate,

Today I started tracking what's going to be my 2nd album, same type of formula as GMOW, laid down the acoustic and vocal, today the rhythm (dad on bass, Gabe on drums) and now we sit with it until next month when I go back in to discuss the 4 new songs being added, we have 4 already started. 

the one thing I love about recording with Sean at 37ft - he likes to connect and have good conversation, and I think that bleeds into the sound of the music. He is also so funny and upbeat, we all get along so well. This album feels more confident, calm and relaxed in comparison to GMOW. I like.  "Less bombastic" - Sean

most days in the studio are spent hungry, so I brought myself food and kept my brain busy making bracelets for an upcoming show at Chapman Middle School in my hometown (which I haven't announced yet ) so, I guess I am now. :) stay tuned


 I had been having the same dream over and over again of playing at a school in front of hundreds of kids, so I reached out to my moms friend who is a teacher and she helped me land a meeting with my old principal. 

Chatting with Mr. Amoroso, the kids, and old teachers gave me so much positive happy nostalgia, much like I was feeling "in my dreams" at the schools playing our songs.

 I put in my dreams in parentheses because  *spoiler alert* its one of the titles of a new song we just started recording today. Multiple songs like "The Weekend" " The American Dream" and "Life on the Line" were written in my sleep. And I've got a subconscious system of receiving messages, songs, and ideas in my dreams, and then putting them into reality. Right now there is a table set up in my room for bracelet making, I plan to try to make 1200 for every kid at Chapman, in 16 days. Wish me luck 

Today I got a wave of tiredness that I hadn't felt in a while, I've been relaxed and reflecting. 

Being creative is a beautiful thing, and it also takes a lot out of you energetically, as it does also fuel you. 

I spent two hours on the phone after the studio talking to first Dalton and the Sheriffs team about a show they're having me on at Capo, they're allowing me to take the stage to be apart of their "Folks you should know about" segment in the middle of their set. 315 people, completely sold out! Really stoked and grateful they asked me, I called Linda on the phone and chatted for about an hour and a half, I caught her up on a bunch of amazing things that happened in CALI and talked about other industry stuff, she always has my back, and if there is one thing this industry helps you attract, its people like Linda, who are "on your team" without even being officially on your team.

I ate 2 English muffins during the call and then she told me start my blog and update my website, so here we are. Thanks Linda! 



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