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Maria Weston Chapman Middle School 2024

A few months ago I was having this reoccurring dream that I was playing live up on some of the first stages I had ever performed on, at my middle school Chapman. I thought about how cool it would be to actually make that happen. So a few weeks later I talked to my moms friend Julie Clark who is a teacher there. Julie landed me a meeting with Mr. A the Vice Principal and he loved the idea. He showed me the whole school, the brand new auditorium, and I even got to speak to two of Julie's classes. We gave out our friendship bracelets for the first time.

Two days ago on Feb 16th, 2024 we transferred this dream to reality and the ADY band took the stage inside the new auditorium at Chapman middle school. This was truly one of the best days of our lives. Thank You WEYMOUTH!

Thank you

Joe Amoroso, Julie Clark, Mr. Mullaney, Mr. Norton, Steph Larsen, Michael Howes, Mom + Dad

The band: Birch, Ahren, Gabe - The dancers: Evie and Alexa


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